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Ham radios are used to communicate over amateur radio frequencies. They can be used for emergency communications, or as a hobby that requires being licensed by the government. A ham radio license is required in most countries before one can legally transmit. There are many different types of ham radios available on the market today and they vary from simple handheld devices with basic features to expensive sets requiring professional installation and maintenance.

The Best Ham Radio Brands

ICOM Ham Radios

ICOM is one of the best amateur radio equipment manufacturers in the world today. They have many different radio models available including base stations, APRS (automatic position reporting system), and public service activities radios. They are also known for their great-looking ham radios that look stylish as well as function well. ICOM radios are great for both the beginner and advanced ham radio operator.

ICOM, without a doubt, is one of the best companies to go for. Their products are top of the line and they make radios for every price range.

Yaesu Ham Radios

Yaesu is another top manufacturer of amateur radio gear. They make top-quality radios that are known for their durability and long-lasting features. Yaesu has many different models available such as mobile transceivers, base stations, and handhelds.

Yaesu makes a great line of ham gadgets as well. They make everything from handheld radios to base stations. They are currently leading the industry in the development of new technology for amateur radio operators. They have been making amateur radios for over 40 years and they continue to grow by making their radios more user-friendly and appealing to the eye. Yaesu also has great customer service if you ever need any repairs made on your handheld, mobile, or base station gear.

Kenwood Ham Radios

Kenwood also is one of the premier amateur radio manufacturers. They have enjoyed a great reputation in the world of amateur radio for many years. There are many different models of Kenwood radios available, which include mobile transceivers, base stations, and handhelds. They also have several types of radios that are designed especially for APRS or APRS mobile units.

Kenwood also has a variety of hand-held ham rigs that can be used for both outdoor and indoor use. These radios are great for listening to shortwave transmissions or weather reports. They also have a line of handhelds designed especially for scanning and listening to CB, FRS, and GMRS signals as well as AM and FM stations.

Kenwood is one of the most popular manufacturers of amateur radio gear. They maintain a high-quality standard, which makes them one of the best to go with when buying amateur radio equipment.

Best Ham Radios

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